Hopefully the below answer most of your questions. If not, please reach out to us.

How big are they?

Around 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. They are .6mm thick (or thin as Apple would say) which makes them flexible but still fragile.

What temples are next on the list?

All currently dedicated temples are complete. We will continue to work on temples as they are complete enough to determine a design from them.

Are they fragile?

Sort of. They have small pieces that can break off if dropped, but are actually fairly bendable. Below is a video demonstrating their resilience.

How do you make them?

The short version is that they are 3D printed. For the long version, see the about page for the process. I am currently printing on nine Prusa i3MK2S 3D printers.

What are they made of?

Plastic, polylactide (PLA) to be specific. One of the most common plastics used in 3d printing

You 3D printed these, can I get the files to print my own?

Some day, but not yet. We have put a lot of effort into making these and want to keep them as our own for now. We do intended to release them for personal use in the future, but not sure when that will be.

The side you chose for _____ temple isn't the the normal/popular angle. Why not?

The whole basis of TempleFlakes are the spires of the temples. Further we like the one with Moroni on it (where available). We also want it to be symmetrical. Sometimes that means needing to use an unusual angle when the temple has multiple spires and Moroni isn't on that popular side. Vernal is a good example, where he is on one side of a two spire temple, and then that side of the temple has an annex added to it blocking the centered, symmetric angle. Definitely not the "popular" side, which would be the side of the Temple with a spire on the left and right, not the center.  Las Vegas is a similar situation of the Moroni spire not being in the popular view.

Moroni is facing the wrong way, what is going on?

Sometimes the "best" side of the temple may be looking at the side or back of Moroni. For consistency we pretend he is always facing the way we chose as the "best" side. Besides, Moroni isn't always facing the same way.

Do you provide discounts for purchasing them in bulk?

We do offer discounts for > 50 items or when paying with church funds. We are not able to support bulk discounts between Nov 1 - Dec 31 as we are already way too busy with supporting normal orders. Please contact us with any questions.

Do you ship outside of the US or do international shipping?

We do not currently do international shipping due to the logistics around the varying costs, rules, potential documents needed, etc. We are sorry we are not able to get our products to our fans outside of the US. Hopefully some day we will be able to get that figured out.

Do you have a place where local people can pick the order up?

Yes! During checkout there is a "Local pickup" option. 

I received TempleFlakes that were slightly different shades of white, why is that?

We 3d print TempleFlakes all year long to be ready for the holiday rush. During covid19, the manufacturer we normally use ceased production so we had to get plastic where we could find it to continue to prepare for the holidays. Just like "white" paint from one place doesn't mach another, also "white" plastic from one place doesn't match another.

Do they come with something to hang them on a tree?

They have a circle on one of the arms which allows for something small like a wire ornament hook or string to be inserted. We don't pre-install these as that would take a lot manual effort/time, which would increase costs to you, and would not be the right color/material/length/etc for many (most?). Instead of increasing costs to put something on some/many may not like, we keep costs down and let you add your own! We use metal ornament hooks which fit in the holes easily.

Are the TempleFlakes individually labeled?

They are not. 3d printing text doesn't work good at very small sizes, and there is rarely enough solid portion of the TempleFlake to put any form of a label that wouldn't cover up a hole and mess up the symmetrical look of the flake. The packing slip comes with a visual key as to which is which, and there is a link to print the same images at different sizes that comes in order emails. We have heard that some people cut those out and affix them to the back on their own.